Name Generator

I want to start adding to the name generator my own list of names. I understand how to format the file and such, based on the help tips in the program, but what I’m not clear on is later, when I want to add more.

What happens when I upload my own file to add to the names? Does it add the names to it’s own file, basically copying the information from the .txt file I directed it to? If I add to the file and import it into Scrivener again, does it add all the old names as well as the new ones, thus duplicating names in the list? Does it just constantly reference the list I import, thus making it silly to import again because the program is scanning the list when, say, the name generator is launched?

And how does it handle possible duplicates? Does it just pull in everything, so if I over time somehow add the same name a few times, making it statistically more likely to be pulled when generating a name list. Or does it recognize a duplicate name and just not copy the name over? This of course assumes it’s copying from the file I import into a master file.

And what if I want to remove a name later? Is that even possible?

I recognize that I’m over-thinking this. I’m just obsessive about keeping my file information straight, so as to not confuse myself later. I actually don’t care what way it does it’s thing, just want to know how it does it, so I don’t drive myself insane later.

The name generator has a database of names that it searches. Any names you add just get blindly extracted from your text files and dumped into the single database, so if you add a list of names A, B and C and then later resubmit the file with additional names D and E, what happens now is that A, B and C would get added again. To remove your added names, you need to restore defaults; there’s no way to individually remove names.

Thus, my suggestion would be to keep your own total list of names and either reset to defaults and then add the complete list each time (thus ensuring each of your entries is only added once) or keep track in your main file of newly added names, then create temporary files of just those new names to add. You can delete the temp docs once they’re in and move your marker in the main file. This way you still have a record of all the names you’ve added, in case you do ever want to reset to defaults or you reinstall your software or you install on another machine and want to supplement the database there.