Name Generator

Oh my God. You should charge at least a couple of thousand quid for this feature. This is fantastic! Do you know how many sleepless nights I’ve spent searching through my address book and scrolling through online directories to come up with stupid names that sound like names in a B-movie written by an unintelligent moron (me)? My names are just NOT convincing. But now, with the new handy dandy Name Generator, I can generate a list of names and INSTANTLY pluck out the ones that feel good and right and proper. Wow. What a time saver. And frankly, a creativity saver. I’m not Dickens. I don’t want my names to mean something. I want the characters to mean something. I just want the names to be good. I don’t want to exhaust the finite resources of my pre-frontal cortex on names. I want you to pick them for me. Ahh, thanks, KB, you’re a total star. I love everything about the new Scrivener, but the Name Generator brought a tear to my weary eye.

Thank you! I love the name generator too - I had a lot of fun implementing it (well, aside from formatting, typing in and checking thousands of names from various sources of course…).

I love the alliteration option, so that I can instantly come up with names like:

Loretta Leek
Beatrice Bosom
Andy Almond
Clifton Carcass

And so on (my first attempt just).

I also love using the “Potential Dictionary Surnames” option to come up with names like:

Howard Pilfer
Cuthbert Bubo
Marla Gulp
Frances Cottager
Oona Clamber
Virginia Handsaw

Etc (again, all my first attempt).

Of course, you can generate lots of more realistic names, but I love names like these. :slight_smile:

Thanks again - glad you like it!

All the best,

[size=200]Clifton Carcass![/size]

Wait, Uriah Cobnut and Aaron Knapweed are quite good, too. Leona Whimsy… Luke Lumpfish… Debbie Popping, Michelle Quacksalver… If I keep going, I’m sure to find my perfect protagonist name soon. :slight_smile:

Lemony Snicket would have a ball with this thing.