Name list for Scriv?

I’m working on a project right now that has a lot of unusual names. Because of spell-check, Scriv underlines them in red whenever I type them. Or, more annoying, it changes it to something similar enough that I don’t see it. I normally love auto-correct, but this is annoying. Hence “Jazzi” becoming “Jazz”. I have seen the option to add words to the dictionary, but I don’t like that option. Then whatever project I am working on will have those names in it and if I mean to type “Jazz” and accidentally type “Jazzi” it won’t alert me to the typo.

I’m wondering if there would be a way to code in a name list. It would be like a dictionary, but only be active for that project. So you could put (for example) all your spells, magical creatures and weird names in your name list. When you opened that project, it wouldn’t mark those as misspellings. When you opened a different project and typed one of those, it would mark it as a misspelling.

So think of it as a “create your own dictionary”, much like in Word. You can add whatever you like to it, but it will only be active when Project X is open (not like in Word). When Project Y is open, Name Dictionary Y will be open and Name Dictionary X will be closed.

I don’t know that it would be viable to have a list unique to the project, because that seems like an awful lot to ask from a writing program. I think you just have to be careful and aware when you’re working on other projects to know when something isn’t a misspelling.

I suppose a way to limit the possibility of a spelling snafu would be to use Auto-Complete in the Project menu. Auto Complete doesn’t transfer the list across programs, but I don’t know how much that would assist with the Red squiggly line issue. Perhaps someone more familiar with this feature could give better feedback.

The name dictionary wouldn’t have to be complex like the original spelling distionary, since it would not hold a large number of words. (Assumption) Maybe a few hundred all up? Put it into a simple text file, suck the entire file into a buffer, and see in the string is a word in the file? Such a file could be local to a project, with an option to “add word to local dict” or something similar.

just my $0.02 worth

I’ll take your word for it. :wink:

Any input from code-y people?

Adding names to the Auto-Complete list will make the names pop up as suggestions if you want them, but it won’t add the items to the dictionary to avoid the spell-check catching them; the only way to do that is to just add them to the dictionary, which at the moment is global. This might be something that could be added later, but it’s definitely not going to be for a while; Lee has plenty on his plate already with bug fixes and a feature list all the way up to 2.0. :slight_smile:

You might try something like editing the substitutions list and then using something like /J to be replaced with Jazzi, etc.–something that would be unusual enough that you won’t be randomly replacing real words, but that’s simple to get in the habit of typing. The substitutions will only work in the editor, so you’d still need to type out a full name in synopses or document titles or so forth, but it’s probably less critical there. Then if you added the name to the dictionary, you might be less likely to accidentally type “Jazzi” instead of “Jazz” since you’d be more accustomed to typing “/J” than “Jazzi”.

Otherwise, I think you’ll just have to proofread. :wink: