Name of next section being appended to footnote in Kindle format

I’m using Scrivener 3 for the Mac on High Sierra. When compiling a document with numerous footnotes for Kindle and using the setting to group notes by section, the name of the next document section appears in the last footnote of the previous section when viewed on a Kindle device. There is no problem with the ePub format, only with the Kindle. Using one long set of footnotes does not work well because there are over a hundred of them. It’s a book of poetry and long footnote numbers really interfere with the reading experience. The list of notes at the end of the document is fine, it is only when looking at the text for the last footnote in a section that the extra text appears.

Has anybody else seen this or found a way around it?

Thanks in advance!

I have a couple of questions:

  • You mention this happens when viewed on a Kindle device, is that a statement declaring that this is what you’ve tested, or that you’ve tested five or six different viewers and only on a physical Kindle device (or simulator) does the problem appear?
  • The list of notes looks fine when reading through it, but the problem shows up when navigating to the footnote itself—I’ve seen Kindle display bugs like that before, where it seems to navigate to slightly the wrong spot and includes a little text from the previous screen. If you page back/forward does the problem go away? If so then your book is probably fine—I’ve seen that happen many times and there is nothing in the data of the book that causes it. Looks to be more a problem with how the Kindle caches the pages around what you are looking at, but I can’t be sure.

Another way you can check this is to go into the general options tab in the compile overview screen and enable the source file option. This will compile a folder with all of the files used to create the .mobi, as well as the .mobi. If you go into that folder and find the footnotes.xhtml and view that in a browser, does it look fine? If you can read HTML, I’d also check the source and make sure nothing weird is happening around the subtitles, like a missing or misplaced list close element.