Named snapshots

The snapshots are really handy, but I was wondering if it would be possible to attach a short name to each one when then snapshot is taken. It would make it easier to identify the differences from the list.

This has been requested a couple of times before. The main problem at the moment is the that date field is hardwired as a date form of data and cannot easily be changed to string data.

I could probably addd an extra column to the snapshots panel. I don’t think it would be a good idea for a sheet to appear when you take a snapshot asking you to name it, though, as that would slow down the process, which at the moment can be done in a second or two.


Well you could make it optional; hit the return key to dismiss the box. Though you don’t actually do popups very much here, so it would probably be out of balance with the rest of the app.

An extra column for the snapshot panel sounds good though, though that would mean taking the snapshot, then going into the panel to name it.


I rather like Photoshop’s philosophy about custom naming. Nearly everything in Photoshop does not require a name, and by default will be assigned a generic one automatically. However, in almost every case, if you hold down the Option key while pressing buttons (and often keyboard shortcuts), then a dialogue will ask for a bit more information, including naming. There are a few exceptions, but this is usually the case.

So, if you want generic you just press Cmd-J to copy the current layer into a new layer; if you want a custom label, Cmd-Opt-J to copy the current layer into a new layer, and ask what you want to call it (among a few other options).

I don’t really use snapshots because its hard to keep track of what change the snapshot happened before without any sort of custom naming. Having custom attributes for the snapshots would help immensely.

I picked up this good idea from an earlier thread on this topic which might also be useful here: Make an annotation at the top of your document before you take the snapshot and in it make whatever note you want there. That way the preview of the snapshot will quickly clue you into what you are looking at.