Names Dictionary

I came here today to find a way to add a list of names to my Dictionary because I find it distracting to see that red underline each time I add a new character name that Scrivener doesn’t recognize, even though I use the Name Generator in Scrivener for each Character Name! Having found the technique for adding words to the Dictionary, I will use that so I can keep on with my work.

Then I began to think that if I continue to work in this manner, my Dictionary may become filled to a point where Scrivener may not like it and then I would have to restore the Dictionary to its original and would then lose the names I’ve added, causing those damn red underlines to appear again. Which made me think about having a Name Dictionary that is separate for each project.

The way I see it implemented would be to tie a Name Dictionary directly to the Name Generator and when a Short List is created those names add to the Name Dictionary automatically. The user still has to copy and paste the list to where ever they choose, but when the user uses a name off the Short List, that name is recognized and not underlined, keeping away the distraction of the red underline.

Having a Name Dictionary be unique to each project will allow the user to keep Character Names separated per project, making sure that if there is a Name Dictionary, it doesn’t become bloated and eventually breaks Scrivener because of size.

So that’s my idea, not sure if it’s something worth doing or if other users would think it worthwhile but I thought I’d at least share the idea and see what you guys think.




Hey, I have been thinking this myself. Having an ‘Add to Names Dictionary’ would be great, that way Scrivener knows to Capitalize it automatically! love this idea!


That would be a highly valuable feature. I am writing a fiction novel that has character names, places, flora and fauna that don’t actually exist in the real world, and sometimes look like a misspelling of a word. Teaching those ‘misspellings’ to the dictionary is simply introducing hundreds of potential typos to my dictionary, littering my future writing with literary landmines (so to speak). Was really hoping this would be in Scrivener, as I switched from another platform.


Hey, for now, I’ve found an interesting workaround for this. Go to your regular dictionary folder C:\Program Files\Scrivener3\hunspell\dict\ then select the language folder and edit the .dic file with any text editor [I just use notepad]. I’ve been using this to remove words from the dictionary that I don’t use, which is far handier than I ever expected, but there are actually two lists inside this. They are alphabetical, but are broken into two categories. The first list is names with a /M after it. [That /M seems to capitalize the words as you type them.] The second list is then the rest of the dictionary of regular words. So I tried adding my custom names into the list in ‘alphabetical location’ and they work perfectly fine, even auto-capitalizing for me. It’s a bit of work, but highly worth it

I am assuming that’s on Windows only, my (limited) understanding is that on Mac it uses the default dictionary, and there doesn’t appear to be a names list. So, on Mac I’m assuming I can do a basic switcheroo of jon = Jonathan or something similar, but that’s it.

Still, would be a great feature for Scrivener to add, something that allows us to build a world more easily within a project.

Yeah, sorry but I have no idea how the mac version works. I know there are users who do know it, perhaps search around the forums for specifically for it?