Names of files when syncing

When I sync with an external folder, the project files are named automatically. For example, when the text is named ‘1’, the synced file will be named ‘1 -5-’. I wonder where this -5- addition comes from? I’d want the simple ‘1’, just as it appears in Scrivener (and as when exported).

The second number, surrounded in hyphens, is what tells Scrivener where the content in that file is meant to go, back in the project when you sync. It is thus imperative that this number is never changed or removed.

OK, thank you for the answer. I noticed later a warning in the extensive manual. Because I use plain numbers in text names, the file names are a bit confusing because there is this other, different number. But I can manage, of course. What is most important for me is that when exporting as HTML, the file names are exactly as I’ve named the texts.

For standard one-way exporting, the binder title as you see it in the software will be used to name the file—no numbers will be added. So I think that works the way you want. This is only necessary for sync methods since there is no other reliable place to put that information (putting it inside the file would risk it being damaged or removed during editing).