Naming a Link

I’m new to this software and trying to get up to speed.

Is it possible to name links? I do this very easily in MS word, but it seems that the only links I can embed in the text is a complete URL type address. Can you help? Their must be a way?


Yes, very easy, although not obvious when coming from Word. First type the desired name of the link in the text; then select that text and do Edit > Link. In the dialog, insert the URL to which the link should point. (Note the different kinds of links that are available.) Click OK and the link name in the text will be colored blue and underlined. Click on it, and your browser should open to the desired page. (Or the desired file will open in its application, etc., depending on the kind of link. NB for file links, you have to put another / in before the path and filename.)

Thanks David,

Your instructions work good and I’m able to name web type links to selected text as you noted. However no luck with links to internal files . Also, not able to link to my network device (My Cloud).

The path to the file I wish to open via hyperlink is as follows:

\WDMYCLOUD\MusicLovers100BestOf\Other Links To Files\Artists.doc

Above path works on MS Word .doc

Tried to add the additional back slash.

/\\WDMYCLOUD\MusicLovers100BestOf\Other Link To Files\Artists.doc

The assigned path which works in WORD is:


I selected “No Preface” option in the dialog pop up. I have also tried the File option, but no luck.

This file storage is not password protected.

Should this work?


OK, it worked when I dragged the file into the dialog address field. Having accomplished that the address that shows when hovering over the link in the text shows:

[file://wdmycloud/](file://wdmycloud/) etc …

No extra / or back slashes. Don’t know why it worked that way but I tried typing in that like that and it worked; so?? Problem resolved.


Glad it’s sorted, Mike. I’ve never had to do that, so I wouldn’t have had a clue. Scrivener does a lot by dragging and dropping, so I’m not surprised this was the solution.

As to the extra /, that’s only for local files. That link format should be “file:///C:\Users, etc.” The dialog only puts in two //, so users have to add the third manually, or else drag in the link, as you intuited. I actually knew that dragging worked better (see this thread); but Feeble Brain asserted its feebleness.

Thanks Dave