Naming and Saving Compiled Drafts

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to name a compiled document. When I save the PDF just as a PDF I am given an opportunity to name it. But when I save the PDF to Scrivener I am not given this opportunity and it continues to save new versions in the Research folder under an old name (e.g. the name given to previous compiled drafts) which is of course confusing.

I suppose I can just not bother saving the compiled drafts to Scrivener and simply save them as PDFs in my computer’s documents folder but now I’m curious about how to do this and it is handy to just have all of my Scrivener/manuscript documents in one place.

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There’s no way of doing this to the best of my knowledge. I say “to the best of my knowledge” because this is a system feature, not one handled by Scrivener. To get the Save PDF to Scrivener" feature, all Scrivener does is place an alias to itself in the ~/Library/PDF Services folder - you can can do the same manually to get the same feature for any application, as long as that application can handle importing or opening PDF files at the application level. So Scrivener does that, and it also handles the import of the file, but by that time it’s already been assigned a name (Scrivener assigns the default name to the print job). To clarify:

  1. You launch Compile and go to print. At this point, Scrivener sets the default print job title to whatever title was last used, or the project title by default, just in case you go to Save as PDF, which will then show you this print job title.

  2. You instead select “Save PDF to Scrivener”. At this point, OS X’s print panel just fires up the alias in the PDF Services folder, which launches Scrivener - although in this case, because the print panel is open in Scrivener itself, Scrivener is already open - and then sends the PDF file to the application with the name that was given in (1).

  3. Scrivener imports the file.

So there is nowhere for Scrivener to step into this process and allow you to customise the name in this particular situation. But you can, of course, just rename the file once it is inside Scrivener.

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This issue might pertain to me as well. I belong to a critique group and I often copy, paste, and then compile into .mobi file longer submissions so I can read them on my Kindle. I notice that whenever I do that, even though I have named the file, it always comes up on my Kindle as a download.

It hasn’t bothered me enough to make a big thing of it, but I was wondering if there is a way to name it something like Author’s and have Amazon import it with that name. So far, it hasn’t and I’m guessing this is an Amazon issue not a Scrivener issue, but I thought I’d ask.

Well specifically with the Kindle (and most e-book readers), the important thing isn’t the file name but the “Title” field that is inserted into the book’s meta-data, which can be set up in the meta-data compile option pane. Just change that for your different compiles and you should see the change show up on the device when you load the book on it.