Naming Backup Project Files

When backing up a project to a zip file, the default file name has the date in day-month-year format. Is this order something you determine, Keith? If so, could the format be changed to year-month-day format? That way, when I look at the backup files in the finder, they would sort in order by both name and age. I know, I could sort on the modified date, but I’d rather be lazy and leave them in name sequence. Then again, maybe others prefer the naming convention as it is?


I’m with you Margaret, I always use year-month-day for two reasons: (1) sorting, as you say; and (2) because that’s the order in Chinese which I have to use every day here, and it helps to be consistent.

On a lighter note, a Chinese friend of mine gave birth to a son and asked me to find an English name for him. The Chinese go on great name hunts 'cos the don’t want to give their child a name that anyone else they know of has. I gave her a list of about 15, which she went through, saying, “Can’t have that … I know someone who’s called that” and so on. Benedict she initially rejected because it would get shortened to “Ben” and “benben” in Chinese means “stupid”. When I pointed out a little while later that “Benedict” actually meant “Blessed”, she immediately said, “That’s the one”. I asked her why and she gave me three different reasons for why she felt he was blessed. One of them was that he was born on the 2nd February 2002, and that wherever he went in the world, there would never be a problem of his birthdate being misunderstood 02/02/02 is the same whichever system the country uses.



What if it used your system’s Short Date format settings?

I take this as a compliment - is this is the worst you have to quibble about, Scrivener must be doing its job well. :slight_smile: I’ll look at this when I get chance (AmberV’s suggestion) but hope you understand it’s loooow priority. Oh, and I’m not touching Scrivener until someone beats Apple into releasing the new WWDC beta for all paid developers. I am literally on strike until then. (Well, not really, but please, someone kill them.)

Um, I sort on modified date, because I’m too lazy to re-name them.

That’s a nice story.