Naming Connections


is there a way not only to separate connections but also to give them names? Because I like to specify the meaning of an arrow or a dotted line.

I have attached an example image which I have created via CmapTools.

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Bildschirmfoto 2013-04-26 um 15.54.41.png

You can just place notes over the lines for this.
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… ähm, yes - good idea… :blush:

… I have not seen the wood for the trees or something like that. :unamused:

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Is there a way to do this so that the name is actually anchored to the connector? When you just drag a node over a connector, if you then move one of the nodes on either ends of the connectors, the node over the connector doesn’t also move. Maybe this could be a feature for the next version?


This probably isn’t exactly what you are looking for but may serve the same purpose:

Create a special note style for “connector labels.” Make the font smaller, put a light border around it, or whatever you want to use to tell your brain “this is a connector label.”

Now double click on the connector line and you get a new note. Use it to name your label. Apply your “connector label” note style to it.

You can move the whole kit and caboodle by marqueeing around them and dragging wherever you want.

That’s the “way” to do it. The actual functionality you are describing doesn’t otherwise exist in the application.

This would be a pretty big win for me too. I recognize the desire to keep the program simple and I trust the developers to make the right decisions even if they’re different than mine, but I would love being able to name connectors.

For this purpose I’ve been using a separate connector style as discussed above. What I do however is then draw my connector into and out of the connector label. That way it’s hard connected.


you have described my problem too.

If I create a special connector label and drop it onto the connection it won’t be attached. If I double click on the connector line this is only fine for dotted lines because otherwise I get one redundant arrowhead.

For the moment I go with the suggested solution of KB. But it is not exactly what I had in mind. But at least you can select all notes together for moving them.

Having connector names/labels is a natural. The current way of handling this is doable, but slow and awkward (since Scapple is a brainstorming tool, you want things to work smoothly and quickly). I don’t personally use connector labels, but it’s very standard that several people would want to do this.

Hopefully at some point in the future Scapple will incorporate this feature in a manner that is quicker and more natural, and that won’t unnecessarily slow down the brainstorming flow. I realize Scapple does not, and shouldn’t, become a drawing program like OmniGraffle. It’s a very focused and wonderful product. But connector labels is about the only request I’ve seen over the past month that makes a lot of sense as a natural addition to the Scapple toolkit.

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