Naming in External Folder Sync dialog box

Technically not a programming bug but rather a confusing switching of terminology.

When you have a project open in Scrivener for Mac, the main writing portion of the project is the “Manuscript” in the Novel (with parts) and Novel projects, and “Short Story” in a Short Story project (didn’t look at the non-fiction or other kinds, as I don’t have any of them at the present).

However, when you begin an External File Sync (File->Sync->With External Folder), the dialog box asks you if you want to “Sync the contents of the Draft folder”, which does not appear in the binder for any of the parts of the project. IIRC, from older versions of Scrivener, what is called the “Manuscript” or “Short Story” folder used to be called draft, but for someone new to Scrivener this may not make any sense.

I did a search in this forum for “External Folder Sync” and got no hits on this wording (and only 13 hits overall), so I don’t believe anyone else has noted it. I also entertain the possibility that I am missing something basic, and this is really just an imagined issue :mrgreen:

Also, permit me to note that this naming is identical in both 2.4.1 on Mac OS X 10.4.11 on my PPC eMac as well as in version 2.4.1, in Mac OS X 10.8.3, on my intel iMac.

Oh it is still the called Draft. Some of the templates have indeed renamed it, but you can do that as well (just like everything else about a template). But you’ll find that all of the documentation and discussion of this folder refers to it as the “draft” because that transcends template terminology. If you make a new project using the Blank starter, you’ll find it is called Draft there, too.

That said, the UI does change to reflect what you’ve named the draft folder in the binder, so it would make sense to have this part of the UI do that, too.