Naming of clippings

Sometimes when I make research for articles I use the Service “Scrivener: Make New Clipping (Unformatted)” which I have also given a keyboard shortcut. The clippings end up in their right place in the open Scrivener project. So far everything i hunky-dory.

My problem is with naming the clippings. By default they are stamped with date and time, while I prefer a title saying where they are from or what they are about.

As I recall from earlier uses, when making a clipping there was a window coming up where I could amend the title. Now it just goes straight into Scrivener. Do I mis-remember, or has there been som change of the feature?


This hasn’t changed, but maybe in an update you lost your setting, as by default it doesn’t ask you for a title. You can reenable this feature in the “Services” section of the General preference pane, Show title prompt when using clipping Services.

Worked like a charm. Thanks Ioa!