naming of folders

first of all, good that this folder syncs excists at all.

but what I wish for as improvement would be option for folder name

project name + drafts/project name + notes, not just drafts/notes as is now.

That would make it easier to integrate e,g, with iPad apps I am using. Thanks for consideration.

The “Draft” and “Notes” folders should be placed in a folder for the project only, i.e:

Project Name
– Draft
– Notes

Any iPad app that supports subfolders should be fine with this (if not, it might be a good idea to suggest to them to support subfolders - many apps do, but not all do yet).

All the best,

yes, but…
wouldn´t it be great if the folders would carry the name of the project, not just reside inside the folder named after the project? just imagine. so easy to handle them, each one with its descriptive name. easy. one would immediately see which project they belong to. easy to synchronize no matter the awkward specificities of those other iPad programs. just specific folder names. just think about how beautiful this would be :wink:

Not really - this would add unnecessary clutter to the file names. Since when do you name subfolders in Finder with a prefix based on the name of its parent? So, sorry, that’s a “no” to this one. :frowning:

All the best,

Since when. Let me see. I have always been doing this to have unique names. Think ★smartfolders for example, ★indexing in other programs, yeah and sync with folders on iPad etc…