Naming of highlights streams

A very minor thing. Highlights streams can be given a proper name under Find > Highlights Finder. To me, however, a somewhat more appropriate, more ‘logical’ place for naming them seems Text > Highlight. Am I right?

Believe it or not, I do actually think about features before I implement them, you know. :slight_smile:

I am aware that this is a “tucked away” feature, but I think it makes more sense where it is. The highlight names are really there to help you keep track of them - to find them. And it is also more clutter-free to have one panel for both naming highlights and finding them rather than having two separate panels. The Find menu is where any Find panel naturally goes. Finally, the naming of highlights and the finding of them are really conceptually linked - if you aren’t bothered about doing searches by highlights then you probably aren’t going to be bothered about naming them.

But as you say, even if I hadn’t thought about it (which I did), this is very minor. 8)


Hmm, maybe I should remove the feature altogether. Naming highlights is a bit weird anyway, come to think of it. :slight_smile:

Well, it made sense to me – can my version have named highlights? :wink:

Lol - yes, there will be a special edition for those who like it as it is. :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, I still think this makes sense - and I’m glad you agree, AmberV. Basically, the “Find Annotations” panel has to go under “Find”, otherwise it really makes no sense to have it in the “Text” menu. And the other option is to have two separate panels, one for finding highlights and another for naming them. But this would be stupid, because the two panels would have to look nearly identical. The “Find annotations” panel would have to have a list of the colours and their names (which could change if you opened the nearly-identical “change highlight names” panel) so that you could check which ones you wanted to search, but you wouldn’t be able to rename them there. And then the “rename highlight colours” panel would have to look identical, apart from the fact that you would be able to rename the colours and it would have “OK” and “Cancel” instead of “Next” and “Previous” buttons. So to me, it just makes sense to combine these panels into one and place it where it will be used more often (ie. under Find, because you are more likely to use it more often for finding than for renaming, which will be a one- or two-shot thing). Besides which, I ask: how many times were you confused by this? My guess is that the answer is, “once”. After that, you aren’t going to wonder where it is anywhere, because you know. And it makes sense. Maybe not to you, but hey, it makes sense to me and fortunately for me I get to make this decision - cue evil laugh.
Hope that makes more sense.


That was a joke… :wink: But seriously, did you read the longer explanation? Did that make any more sense? Because I think it does…


Thanks, Maria, for your adhesion; thanks Keith, for your explanations, ‘passionate’ as always. I can see the point you’re trying to make, but unfortunately I can’t agree with it. In my view the fundamental distinction remains between creating or choosing something (which is done under the pulldown menu called “Text”) and the subsequent searching of it (which is done under “Find”). Personally, I would never mix these two things. And given the logical and temporal precedence of the acts of creating and choosing over the acts of searching and finding, I would always collocate the “Find” menu to the right of the “Text” menu, not to its left. But that’s just me!

It must be added, however, that yesterday evening before falling asleep it came to my mind that an even better place for naming highlights streams would be “project settings”: in other words, exactly the same proposal Maria considered to make. Just to let you know, Maria, that you are not alone either in this respect!

But, Keith, you seem convinced that things are good as they are, we made our point, and the highlighting as such works brilliantly. So neither of us has any reason to complain!

P.S. I’m not sure however, Keith, AmberV agreed with you about the place of the naming of the highlights streams, as you seem to think. What she intended to say (or so it seems to me; but of course she must speak for herself) is that the naming of streams as such made sense to her, not the place where the names can be given.

Okay, first off, my comment was mostly a joke based off of Keith’s joke. But that aside, I do think the current placement is not all that strange. You are thinking of it perhaps in a different sense that I am. You are thinking of the highlight as being something. In actuality it is nothing but a colour. Nowhere is that name used except in the Find box. It has no function, no purpose, outside of the times when you are looking for it. Then, in those times when you are looking for everything green, you will care what green means to you in relation to orange. If you have forgotten what yellow meant, you can find, the answer in the Find palette.

Now, if you could do something like Ulysses does with highlights and apply export syntax to it or something funky – then it might be a little strange in the Find palette.

And to reiterate something Keith said, you’ll only be confused once. I say, if at all. If a new user is learning the program, they will not be aware of the fact that highlights can have names, until they become a level of using that things “my, it would be nice to search for all of those things I marked in green.” Then, they will stumble across the ability to write down what green meant to them at the time, so that in the future they will not forget. That is, of course, the type of user that doesn’t read the manual. The ones who read the manual will never be confused either. I think the only people that will be confused are the ones who knew it was coming.