Naming .rtf files with synopsys title.

In the snapshot directory there is an XML file with the name of the snapshot.

Why can’t you use an XML to along with each text file and folder that contains the name of the file or folder?

The reasoning for this request is if you want to import a file from another project you want to import it by name, not the number, the number has no meaning - it is just a number, you would have to open it in Word to find out which file it is and this is an unnecessary step.

The internal structure of the project is not intended to be accessible to any tool other than Scrivener itself, and opening component files with any tool other than Scrivener is entirely at your own risk.

If you want to copy a file from one project to another, the supported method is to open both projects and drag and drop.

Alternatively, if you export from the source project, the Binder name will be assigned to the exported file.