NaNo 2020 Trial, help me figure out how NOT to mess up Scriv 1 files while I use it

I haven’t used the Beta because I don’t want to risk making a mistake and deleting or messing up all the files I have on Scrivener1.9.9 that I’ve been using for years. That’s where I have all my published novels and WIPs so my head would literally explode if any of that disappeared.

I’m itching to try all the new features so now would be the time to give it a go, if I can do it this way.

Is there a tutorial or very specific instructions so I can install the NaNo Beta 11 trial in a way the software and all files created in it are TOTALLY SEPERATE from the version I regularly use? I will be opening and working in both, on different projects, and need to insure that the Beta files and my Scriv 1 files never see each other. :stuck_out_tongue:

Many thanks in advance for help. And let me know if you’re lurking and also gonna try the Beta during NaNo. 8)

Download the beta from here and follow the instructions on installing to a different folder than your existing Version 1.xx.xx copy…


If you open a version 1 project, the beta will firstly make a copy of it and then open it as a version 3 project.

You won’t lose any data.

You can run both versions side-by-side and drag and drop between the two but a version 3 (beta) project cannot be opened in version 1.xx.xx.


Personally, I have a paid-up version 1.xx.xx but the beta version offers so much more, plus many of the videos on youtube that refer to the Mac version 3 are more applicable now.

I think you are right - now is the time to play with the better version.

Happy writing, as they say :wink:

Thanks a bunch, AUSSIEDOC! :smiley: Much appreciated!

I didn’t know you could drop and drag between the 2 versions either. Cool!