NaNo Scrivener code question

I did NaNoWriMo last year and got my handy-dandy Scrivener discount code that expired in May. I still have a copy of that, but apparently I was a bonehead and did not save a copy of the replacement code. It had disappeared from the NaNo site by time I thought to double check on it a couple weeks ago.

Is there anyway that I will be able to use that old code, either to get the discount or to get an updated code?


Hah - I did the exact same thing. I too have my old code, but not the new one. Oy. I’m glad I’m not alone. :slight_smile:

Send an email entitled something like “NaNoWriMo 2010 Winner Coupon” to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com with your username, and we’ll get your name on the list. Chris Baty has generously offered to have an intern look up the codes for users who didn’t save them in time, so once we have a collection of names we’ll pass that over to OLL and then send out responses to everyone when we get the codes back from them, probably in a couple weeks. (All of coupon code business was handled by OLL, so we at L&L have no way of knowing who got what code.) Note also that we’re again sponsoring NaNoWriMo this year, so if you’re participating again and win, you’ll get a new discount code for 2011. :slight_smile:

Wait, there was a new code given? How do we know if we have the old code or the new one?

If you saved the code you got directly after Nano finished and didn’t go back again, then it’s the old code. New ones were posted on the winner’s page after the old ones expired.

Well I assumed that much, I meant is there a way to tell by looking at the code if we can’t recall when we saved ours.

Oh, shoot, it didn’t even occur to me the code would vanish :frowning:

Now the entire site has changed, and the page it was on is gone, too.

Any hope for those of us who didn’t expect it to get pulled out from underneath us (and thus don’t have the OLD code anymore either)? I finished last year, and I’d been planning to go back and grab the code as soon as the Windows version became available. :frowning:

LindaJeanne, please read MimeticMouton’s post earlier in this thread.

I sent my email to support as instructed, since I only saved the old code and never knew a new code was posted, but I’m disappointed to hear that it will be a couple weeks before we get the new code. I was all set to purchase the first release of Scrivener the instant it comes out. Now I’m going to have to wait and be forced to use the NaNo version of the software to complete NaNo this year instead of having my newly purchased release edition. It won’t kill me, but I’m disappointed.

I wish someone would have thought to post the need to grab the new code more prominently here, like in a sticky thread at the top where NaNo winners would see it. I’ve been checking the forums here frequently during the beta process, but I don’t check the NaNo boards much when NaNo isn’t going on. The only thing I ever saw posted here were statements that the winner’s codes would still be honored even though the Scrivener release was delayed. Nothing about needing to grab new codes when the old ones expired.

+1 to that. I had no idea a new code would be required and was working under the impression that our original codes would be honored. It’s definitely disappointing to have to wait, but with the release of another beta earlier this week, it seems we’d be waiting, anyway.

To be honest, we didn’t realise, so sorry about that. We are ensuring we honour all codes, though, and Julia has been working her backside off to get codes out to people who have emailed us, so yours will be with you in the next day or so.

Thanks and all the best,

Ah, sorry. I did read that – it just got scrambled in my brain with all the messages about new code vs old code, and had somehow gotten it into my head that you needed the old code too, in order to look up the new one.

Just wanted to say thanks to Julia, who is indeed working her backside off to get out the updated Coupon codes. I got my updated code about 24 hours after sending the email and have been able to preorder my copy of Scrivener without a problem. I’m so excited. I can’t wait until the full release. My writing has greatly improved since I started using Scrivener, even with all the beta glitches over the last year. I recommend it to everyone I know, even the ones who don’t write…LOL.

Julia’s definitely working full-speed. It only took about three hours to get a replacement code for me. And yep, I’ve been waxing poetic about Scrivener all over Twitter. Everyone should be using this.

I was wondering when last year’s NaNo codes are good until?

I already have the full version of Scrivener but want to give my code to a friend so that it doesn’t go to waste.

The 2010 codes will last to the end of the year.