NaNo Trial Bug: Alt+ inserts act oddly when NUMLOCK is off.

I tend to forget to stick things where they need to be, and having migrated from Open Office—prone to not inserting em dashes and smart quotes where I need them—I have memorized a goodly number of alt-inserts, the most important being the em-dash (—) and en-dash (–); these are represented on the keyboard by ALT+0151 and ALT+0150, respectively.

I botched a passage and, forgetting that Scrivener is smart enough to put them in the way that I need them, used the ALT+0151 for an em-dash.

Instead I got a “7.”
A second attempt got me a “/.”
The third time, still attempting the same command for an em-dash (ALT+0151): “Ï”
Still another attempt: “×.” (A multiplication/times symbol)

It seems to cycle between these four in a set order. It only does this when NUMLOCK is off, but…other programs handle the ALT+ insert without problems, regardless of the status of the NUMLOCK command.

Tested this in three projects, with the same results; restarted once to double-check. Tried it in Word, LibreOffice, Notepad, and WordPad as well, with no difficulties in any of those.

Thanks. On the list for investigation!

In Word 2010 with Num Lock off Alt+0151 does not appear to do anything. Open Office doesn’t care.

In Scrivener, you don’t even have to worry about any of these numbers or keystrokes, enabled by default in the Options> Auto-Correction tab is “Replace double hyphens with em-dashes”, so, just typing – will convert to an em-dash. See screenshot below:

You may or may not be aware of this, or have some other reason for not wanting to do this?