NaNo version and no laptop

Hi. I downloaded the NaNo trial version. I “won” NaNo, but my laptop is in the shop trying to recover from the black screen of death. I don’t know when I’ll get it back. Since there’s no iPad version of Scrivener, do I have any options for still getting my winner’s discount? Thanks :slight_smile:

I didn’t think there was a time limit? Might want to ask over on the naNo boards, since I think you get the code from them?

Probably tomorrow or in a few days, there’ll be the winner’s goodies page with your personalized discount code. That’s usually good for a few months, but you can buy it any time you like. Once you have a computer again, you can download the demo version from the main website (it just won’t have a NaNo template is all), and enter the license key that you purchased. You can also install Scriv on multiple computers of yours/your family’s, fyi.

Oh – my sister has Scriv, but I thought it was limited to one computer per license. --?

I’m concerned about losing all the stuff I saved in Scriv during NaNo. I backed up the chapters to the cloud but not the notes, plus I think I didn’t back up tweaked versions of chapters.