Nano version bug - total word count not working

I don’t know if this is in the current beta, but my NaNo version doesn’t show the total word count in the outliner column of the same name. I just shows the word count for that page.

And NaNo is all about the word count.

Oh and writing

but really word count.


Total word count will be the same as the “word count” for items that have no subdocuments (or whose subdocuments have 0 words, obviously), but are you getting this in other situations? Could you post a screenshot of your outliner showing this, perchance? There were some bugs with the totaling that I thought were worked out for 045 (the NaNo trial version), but I’ll take a look into this and it’d help to know exactly what you’re seeing.

Hi, screen shot below. This is happening on exiting projects which showed total word count and new projects (I created one to check). The attachment is an existing project
screen shot of total word count.doc (182 KB)

I’m getting this too (version 49, I never had the NaNo version). The total word count used to be cumulative, so that by the last page/document, you got the overall word count for the whole manuscript. Now it’s just the same as the ‘word count’ column, not very useful.

Ahh, okay. What we have here is just a misunderstanding of how the feature works. “Total Word Count” will give the total count for a container’s subdocuments. In the posted screenshot, every document is a single document without subdocuments, so its total word count will just be the count of its own words. If you created a new document and put some of those documents into it as subdocuments, then the new document’s total word count would be the sum of the count of the contained documents, even though its own word count would be 0. If you typed some text in that document as well, that count would be added in with the sum of the rest and appear in the Total Word Count column.

So the “Total Word Count” is for containers, providing the sum of their contained documents. It’s not a cumulative count down the outliner (though it used to have an algorithm bug where you did get something like this, incorrectly calculating numbers from various columns in a rather obscure fashion). If you want to get a count of multiple documents that aren’t in a container, or the entire Draft, you can load the documents in a Scrivenings session, so the word count sum appears in the footer or select them and view Project Statistics, which will give you both the Draft count (based on the current compile settings) or the selection count (with options that you can tweak to alter what gets included).

I personally liked the running total as well. Now that I know that was actually a bug and how the total is supposed to work I figured out a little different solution. What I ended up doing is creating a folder called “Book” and placed all of my chapters inside of it. That way I have a total for my NaNoWriMo book that has a sum of the chapters in outline mode. Expand the book in outline mode and I can see my progress bars for all of my chapters within the book folder and the word counts for each.

Hopefully that will help you perryw.

The “Book” word count can also be obtained from the Project Target tool, or the Project Statistics tool. The former is a bit faster, and the latter is more accurate (it even test compiles in the background to get the proper page count).

Thanks, that works.
I would still like to be able to see it in the outliner column as I used to, though.

There is a bug with the total word count when it comes to the progress bar. The progress bar only takes into account the main document and ignores any sub documents. Just as the word counts of sub documents are applied to the “Total Word Count” of the main document the same should reflect in progress bar of the main document as well. So that it should show like:

Book 1 (Goal: 50,000; WordCount: 0; TotalWordCount: 4,100; Progress: 4,100/50,000;)
– Chapter 1 (Goal: 3,000; WordCount: 200; TotalWordCount: 1,400; Progress: 1,400/3,000;)
– – Scene 1 (Goal: 500; WordCount: 500; TotalWordCount: 500; Progress: 500/500;)
– – Scene 2 (Goal: 500; WordCount: 500; TotalWordCount: 500; Progress: 500/500;)
– – Scene 3 (Goal: 500; WordCount: 200; TotalWordCount: 200; Progress: 200/500;)
– Chapter 2 (Goal: 3,000; WordCount: 400; TotalWordCount: 2,700; Progress: 2,700/3,000;)
– – (etc.)

Having done programming in the past I suspect this could be an easy fix. Probably too late for this years NaNoWriMo competition. However could this be fixed later on?

As explained above, the progress bar reflects the individual document’s goal, so it relates to “Word Count” and “Target”. In future we’ll be adding a “Total Target” and “Total Progress” columns which will combine with “Total Word Count” to deal with containers and subdocuments the way you’re after.