Nano version quirks

  1. Project Statistics appears to run twice when selected. I’ve never noticed it do that before in any of the previous versions.

  2. If I’ve had Scrivener open for a long time, like all day while doing Nano, when I close the program I get a crash message.

The first is a recorded bug, thanks. As for the second, is there any specific text with the error message or is it just a “Windows will now close the program”? If you could grab a screenshot or a screencast of this happening that’d be great, as I haven’t had another report on this one. Everything is working fine when you’re using the project, and it’s just when you hit the “X” button to close that the crash happens?

Could you please check Help > About Scrivener and let me know what version number is listed at the bottom of the screen, and also what version of Windows you’re using (including 32- or 64-bit)? Thanks!

Yes, it only occurs when I’ve pressed the red X to close the program. Otherwise, it runs smoothly.

It’s just your standard “Scrivener.exe has encountered an unexpected error. Would you like to report it?” window as far as I can remember. It’s happened to me several times but, naturally, when I want it to happen it’s being reluctant.

The machine I’m having issues with is running WinXp Pro sp3 32bit. I’m running the Nano trial version of Scrivener .46.

I probably should mention that this machine has issues playing FB games and Pandora at the same time and I experience slowdowns and browser crashes constantly when I try to run them both.

I have Scrivener open at the same I’m experiencing these issues, which is why I’m mentioning it. I’m not sure if this problem would affect Scrivener, also.

EDIT: It crashed again tonight and it’s just the standard window like I thought. I’ve attached the error report it generated.
8576_appcompat.txt (55.6 KB)