Nano version to paid version?

I have the new Nano trial version, and I really like it, but I am still planning to buy Scriv when it comes out. I still have my coupon for last year and since I know I’m going to buy it anyway, I might as well do it now.
When Scriv does come out, how can I buy it and still keep all the special nano features? Am I correct that if I uninstall Scriv, I’ll lose all the special templates and such?

When Scriv comes out, do I just buy it and download? Or do I uninstall and then reinstall the template and compile settings?

Good question!

The NaNoWriMo template and the NaNo compile option are both built into the special trial version, so they’ll be stripped out of the standard release. You can however save them out and import them back in after you switch, if you want to still have access to them. (Keep in mind that once you create a project from the template, that project isn’t going to change; you just wouldn’t have the template option to create new projects from it. The compile settings aren’t saved in the template, however, so if you want to hang onto those you’ll need to export them.)

To save the template, create a new project from the NaNo template and then choose File > Save As Template. (You can make any adjustments you want before you save it, of course.) This saves it to a specific location in your user data directory, and when you reinstall Scrivener it will check that folder for any custom templates you have and automatically add them to your New Project window. To save the compile settings, open Compile and click the “Manage…” button to save your compile settings to a file. After you reinstall, go back here and from the “Manage” button choose “Load” and then “Import” to bring them back in as an available custom preset.

You can also download the NaNo files from the web page down at the very bottom. These are there for those that already have a working copy and just want the support files.

Thanks! I just saved the Nano template and the Nano compile settings. I think I put that info into a Scriv project!

I’ve updated to 049 (complete uninstall, then reinstall) and downloaded the NaNo files. However, I can’t get the compile options to load. Instead, I get the following error:

[b]Could Not Import Compile Settings NaNoWriMo Novel.

Could not import compile settings at C:/Users/dganger/Documents/SkyDrive/Writing/NaNoWriMo Novel.ini.[/b]

I’ve re-downloaded the NaNo files, and tried exporting them to different locations, with no success. Windows 7 Professional x64 SP1. Is this a known issue, or do I need to go pursue this in the Technical Support forum?

I’ll check it out and get back to you here; you don’t need to start another thread, that’s all right.

Sorry if this is like ‘teaching grandma to suck eggs’ but I got caught out by this and learnt you have to import the compile settings from within the compile dialogue box: ctrl+shift+E (bottom left - load), not from import on the main menu.

Thank you for the hint. I did make sure I wasn’t doing that.

There was a problem with the “Import” functionality here. It is fixed in the next release. A workaround for you might be to check and create the following directory if it does not exist: C:\Users%WIN_ACCOUNT_NAME%\AppData\Local\Scrivener\Scrivener\CompileSettings

Hope this helps :wink: