NaNo Version won't start after 1.0 upgrade

Before I registered my Nano Version, I installed 1.0 from the Help dropdown. It went all the way through and now…nothing. Clicking on the icon does nothing. I’ve looked in the resource folder per the readme doc, once I found it, and the folder doesn’t have a vcpp runtime folder. My whole Nano win is in Scrivener :open_mouth: so please tell me how, if I have to reinstall, that I can keep my month worth of work. I did back it up in Google Docs but it’s horror on formatting.

Disregard. I found MimeticMouton response from Friday about how to zip my files, uninstall and reinstall from the link…it worked perfectly. It’s as if the reinstall reactivated the previous icon and all of my work was already there. I’ve registered and all is well. Thanks for the help.

In my haste to save my work during Nano, I’ve saved what appears to be version all over my pc so now it’s time for clean up…now where are those tutorials :laughing:.

Glad you’ve got everything sorted! Thanks for supporting Scrivener, and welcome aboard!