Nanowrimo option for Windows


I was brought here after seeing the Mac version. Opening my first template, I noticed that the Windows version doesn’t have the nifty Nano option that does the count and stats thing. Is this something in the works (hopefully for this year’s Nano)?


Look down at the bottom of the word processing window and you’ll see a little round grey (I think) button next to an empty status bar. Click on the button, and you can enter the target number of words you want your document to be. As you write, the wordcount updates, and you see the little status bar update as you write.

All these nifty features on the bottom of the screen would be easier to figure out if they had alt/mouseover text like the big buttons at the top, but I’m not sure if that’s a bug or a wishlist thing. Does the Mac version have alt text for that button, do you know?

I’m sure tooltips are on the list of things to do before final release.

Also note that you can use Ctrl-T to bring up a floating word counter that has both a project goal and a session goal. This will update while you type. The NaNoWriMo project we distributed from that same page also has a daily writing file you can use to duplicate off of which has a 1,667 daily word goal pre-assigned to it, using the footer bar target. That grey blob next to it is actually a progress bar, it will fill up as you reach that goal.

Considering some core functionalities, like making export’s browse button work, that got forgotten by the coders I am not so confident :confused: I’ll mention it over there sometime when the more important issues die down. It’s not a priority.

Absolutely. If it is getting close to release and the interface is not documented, please bring it up again.

I just tried this and it worked fine. This will be great for NaNoWriMo and daily wordcounts.

I found the little grey round thing, but for me, Ctrl-T doesn’t work. If my cursor is in a paragraph, it does something to the paragraph (looks like it’s increasing the indent). If it’s not, I don’t see anything happening. The following is what it says in the doc.

18.1.1 Project Targets
The project targets panel allows you to set goals for your writing—either for the Draft as
a whole or for the number of words you want to write during the current session—and
to check on your progress. To bring it up, select ProjectShow Project Targets or press
T to toggle its display.

The targets panel displays two progress bars: one showing the progress of the draft and
the other showing the progress of the current session, being defined as the period between
the project being opened and closed again. Using this panel, you can set a target word
count for the draft (that is, the contents of the Draft folder) and for the current session,
and keep track of how far you have to go before you reach your goals. To change the
targets, just click in the appropriate text field and enter a new target word count (or target
character count—you can set whether the target should be in words or characters by
clicking on “words” so that a pop-up menu appears, providing a choice between “words”
and “characters”).

This panel will float over your project if you leave it open, and update itself in real-time
as you write and edit. If you want to track a goal for an individual document, rather than
the entire project, use the Text Goals (subsection 13.6.3) tool in the footer bar.

Project Targets is different from document targets. The former keeps track of everything going on in the project; the latter is specifically for the document you are editing. So which you use will depend on how you work. If you are all over the place in the outline, then Project Targets will be better. If you stick to a section per day then the document target button is good and more compact since you don’t need another window open.

Keyboard shortcuts have all changed since the first PDF version; so pretty much ignore whatever you see there and use the menu system to reference things for now.