NaNoWriMo trial license altered by updater


I downloaded the NaNoWriMo trial version a couple of weeks ago to get ready for the November writing month which told me the trial license would expire Dec 7th. However, a few days ago the updater offered updates which I accepted (now at 2.6) but it seems to have changed the version to a standard 30 day trial license meaning the license will expire part way through November.

Any way to get back to the original trial license? Otherwise, when I purchase the license it will preclude using the winner’s or participant’s discount.


Just download the NaNoWriMo trial again and run that through November so you get the extended trial period. We corrected the version numbering that was causing the NaNo trial to prompt for the 2.6 update (the NaNo version already is 2.6, but it had a slightly different number originally to distinguish it as the special trial) so if you download afresh you shouldn’t get that prompt again. Or if you’ve still got the original download, you can run that and just disable the automatic check for updates in the General tab of Scrivener > Preferences. Once you’re into December, you can switch back to the regular 2.6 version and register with your well-earned 50% discount licence. :wink:

Thanks for giving Scrivener a try, and good luck reaching 50K next month!

Thanks, that worked :slight_smile:

Loving Scrivener so far - it’s making it so easy to get my thoughts together!