Nanowrimo trial screen still coming up

I love Scrivener and have been using it all month. I purchased it last night, and entered my serial name and number in the registration screen of the Nanowrimo trial. Since then I am still getting the trial message when I open it and (it may not be related… life provides more co-incidences than fiction allows) Windows was unable to start when I next re-started my computer. Did I do something wrong? Should I have uninstalled the trial first? :frowning:

I think you have to uninstall the Nano trial and then download and install the latest version 1 release from the website. The NaNo trial may not have the programming required to do automatic upgrades & registration, but version 1.0.3 certainly does.

Yes, as Robert says, you want to uninstall the current version you’re using–which is technically a beta–and then download and install the latest and greatest, which you’ll be able to register and has some bug fixes and improvements from the NaNo trial to boot. You can backup your projects first by right-clicking them in Windows Explorer and choosing “Send to / compressed (zipped) folder” and then just go ahead and uninstall Scrivener. Download 1.0.3 from here, choose to save the .exe and then go to your download folder in Win Explorer and run the installer. Once that’s done and you start up Scrivener you’ll be in trial mode with a countdown of 30 days, and you’ll have the option to enter your license information, so you can go ahead and click that to re-enter your information from the receipt email and register. Then you should be all set to go. Thank you for your purchase!

Thanks so much for the quick response, that seems to have done the trick! :slight_smile: