NaNoWriMo trial version registered but not working!

I used the NaNoWriMo trial version this year and LOVE it. So much so that even though I didn’t finish my novel I paid for the full version and entered the registration details into the trial version via the HELP page so that I could carry on using it. I did this the day before the version expired and all seemed to be well but now, the day AFTER the trail version was due to expire the app won’t let me in and says I need to download a new version. It doesn’t seem to recognise that I’ve bought the licence even though it did accept the registration details. Need to keep working on my novel - HELP!

Hey there - I ran into the same problem, but the fix is simple. Just download the non-Nano-trial version (click ‘Download for Windows’ at the top of this page) and install that. As far as I can tell you don’t need to re-register or anything - once the new version is installed, Scrivener works just as before!

That said, when you start up this new install for the first time, you’ll get a dialog box about having your novel file open in a different version of Scrivener. Nothing to worry about though - at least, I just clicked “Continue” and have been working with my novel file as before.

Hope that helps!

I am having this problem too. I’m worried if I download Scrivener again I will lose the projects I started in the trial version.

Projects are stored separately from the program, and are not touched by any of the process to install or uninstall the software. No need to worry, your projects will be in the same place you created them (probably your Documents folder).

That is good to know. Thank you for answering!