Nanowrimo update word count for other projects

Sometimes I like to create Nanowrimo projects for my WIPs, but I don’t really participate in the November events. Would it be possible to enable the button outside the events?

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I do the same. Does the menuitem go away after the Thank-God-It’s-over-party? Since it seems to work fine on other Templates too, it would be interesting to enjoy this option on other Projects post NaNoWriMo as well.

Try this: Enabling the "Update NaNoWriMo Word Count" Feature in Scrivener / Features and Usage / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support

Yes. Did that. It works. Perfectly, I might add.
Maybe someone knows the answer to the questions we ask?
We are still interested to know…

If it worked without me having to set the clock back on both my computers, I’d be happy.

We can test it now. The menu item is still there. I just have to create an active project on I’ll let you know tonight…

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I don’t think the API NaNo used is still active. You can manually add words on the NaNo site, but the Scrivener semi-automatic method is not working for me.

Yeah, that’s the issue I’m facing.

This would be a question for the NaNo support team. Scrivener knows how to dial the phone, but doesn’t control whether there’s anyone listening on the other end.

So I guess I’m stuck manually adding the word count to the Nano site and not trying to use the automated method, right?

Again, this is a question for the NaNo folks. Scrivener hasn’t changed anything.

I requested the feature on their forums. Now I just need to wait.

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