NaNoWriMo Word Count Update

So, there are many sites out there that ask permission to login to other accounts to sync up.

Just as a future possibility, Scrivener could have a November / CampNano feature to “sync” word count onto their profiles.

That way, if you’re already in Scrivener working on your novel, you can press “sync Nano” and then the word count will update on the site without having to leave Scrivener, or have an auto update feature that while the feature is turned on (like during November) (or during July for camp nano) it will sync up word counts with the website at the end of the day.

Many times I write on a day and am not connected to the internet on my computer or something, and then forget to update my Nano words, so this feature would then ping to update the words once a connection to the internet is reached.

Lots of sites/apps have syncing capabilities, so maybe this would be a fun collab sync feature eventually.