Narrowing Editor

I like the look of the writing area in Full Screen mode, but when I size the application window to Fill the Screen, the writing area is visually too wide. I can narrow this by widening the Binder area, and/or the Inspector area, but then they look too wide.

  1. If one could choose to optionally have a page outline, as appears in the Full Screen mode, then the areas on either side of this could be made gray or other faint color. Then while writing in the Editor when not in Full Screen mode would appear easier to manage.

  2. If the Editor were narrowed by default, this would leave some space for another area for information, ie line numbers, margin note markers, etc.


You can choose “fixed width” from the Editor Preferences - this will constrain the editor to the width you choose. 2.0 will also have the option of a page layout view.

Hope that helps.
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Yes, I found that option, but I thought the binder looks better as is, without expanding to a width to accommodate the narrower Editor. That’s when it occurred to me that there is space there that could be used to add some subtle information. This would be the area between the Binder and the Editor.

In 2.0, this may be resolved. As it is, I think by widening the Bindner, it’s distracting and there is so much unused space. I still would want the Editor to be centered. Regards.

Have you tried working with the Inspector open? You might find the extra information distracting, but if it is information you want in an blank space, there you have it, and even keeps the editor feeling balanced as opposed to stuck on the left. The amount of free space is entirely dependent upon the size of the window, however. Scrivener can be compacted down into a very small space, and there will be scarce room to spare when such is done.

Oh, I should add that there are no plans for margin notes or line numbers (search the forums for information on this and why they aren’t forthcoming). So there would be no information to place between anyway.

You can also widen the left and right margins around the text using the Preferences.

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