natbib, BibDesk & MMD

A big hello to the forum!

And straight to the question(s):
I would like to use the natbib package in LaTeX. Therefore, I need the \citet and \citep commands in Scrivener, too. Fletcher already has an example on the web, so I know it should be possible to achieve.

There are two problems I have:

  1. I would like to use the latex-snippet.xslt so that I can have a project in TextMate and include all my tables directly from Stata (a statistical software). Unfortunately, there is no xslt-file with natbib support. This results in a \cite command throughout the newly generated document. So, if anyone could help me modifying the xslt-file so that it behaves like the memoir-natbib.xslt, that would be great.

  2. I use BibDesk. Thanks to Fletcher, I got BibDesk templates for MMD (see MMD google discussion group). However, the format used is not compatible with what it should be when one wants to use natbib. It is [p. 22][#Kahneman_Tversky_1979a] instead of [; p. 22][#Kahneman_Tversky_1979a]. So, using this template with natbib would need some modification, too. I had a look at the template file but prefer not to mess with it since I really do not understand what I have to change. However, it looks as if this should be really easy to change since the code is only two lines long!

Thank you all for your help and good suggestions in advance!

Kind regards, Pascal

regarding point 1.

I copied the xlst-file, renamed it to latex-snippet-natbib.xslt and edited it the following:

a) changed the $ID at the beginning of the document (rename xslt and changed date)

b) added <xsl:import href=“natbib-support.xslt”/> right below <xsl:import href=“xhtml2latex.xslt”/>

and saved.

It seems to work fine! Now, any suggestions regarding my second question (point 2, BibDesk) would help tremendously!

Kind regards,


  1. MMDCompleteExportTemplate.txt

<$publications> [<$authors.lastName.titleCapitalizedString.stringByRemovingTeX.@componentsJoinedByCommaAndAndWithSingleEtAlAfterThree/><$fields.Year.parenthesizedStringIfNotEmpty?> <$fields.Year.parenthesizedStringIfNotEmpty/></$fields.Year.parenthesizedStringIfNotEmpty?>;][#<$citeKey/>]</$publications>

  1. MMDwithPagesExportTemplate.txt

<$publications> [;p. ][#<$citeKey/>]</$publications>

seems to work fine…