Native v Wine

I ran these commands (found elsewhere on this forum) and they installed the MS fonts and necessary runtime components.

winetricks corefonts winetricks vcrun2008 vcrun6 quartz dotnet20

Once I’d done that it ran ok and looked ok (to my eyes). screenshots here

It worked OK under Gnome 2 except that the mouse pointer was offset a little bit which mean for some things clicking about half a centimeter higher and for things near the top of the screen e.g. menu items I could only access them via the keyboard. Unfortunately that’s a big enough “except” to make it worth using a different desktop instead.

I wasn’t the only one seeing this problem, see here.

I tried a few different non-Gnome sessions and they all worked but XFCE was the only one I could actually bear to work in, the others were too minimalist.

That’s good news. I’ll look for it.