Navigate by Heading Style


I’m considering switching from NisusWP to Scrivener,
because I want seamless syncing between Mac and iOS.

I’m currently content with NWP, configured with only 2 things onscreen:

  • Text field, and
  • List of Headings.

Headings (listed in a sidebar) act as section markers;
I can navigate sections by clicking on their heading titles.
The sidebar is set to automatically display Headings,
via the criteria ‘Heading Style’.
There’s auto-heirarchy; like: H2 is indented from H1.

This is all i need to happily write - text field, and navigation by Heading Style.

Can i do this in Scrivener??


  • pbass

As a long term Scrivener user and NWP user—and I think I posted to your thread in the NWP forum—Scrivener doesn’t work like that. I’d start by downloading and installing the Mac version, and going through the Tutorial you will find under the Help menu, to get an idea how Scrivener works. You can download it for free and you have 30 days of actual use—which basically means 30 days on which you open the app, not 30 calendar days—so that if you have to put it aside for a few days for any reason, those days will not be part of your trial period. I would say: don’t download the iOS app immediately, as there is no free trial period on apps from the App Store.

So go through the Tutorial, which is actually a Scrivener project in its own right, to familiarise yourself with the way Scrivener works, then create a trial project to see how you get on. It might be that Scrivener doesn’t suit your way of working, in which case you won’t have lost anything other than the time it took you to find that out.

And come back to the Mac forum to ask any questions … people here are very helpful.

If you do get to grips with it, then download the iOS version and go through the help system there which functions as a tutorial. When you want to get what you’ve written into NWP for final polishing, then I, and various others can help.

Good luck


Tx for your guidance, much appreciated.

I’m dissappointed that Scrivener doesn’t work in the way I’m used to. I’m sure it’s a terrific program, but I think I’m looking for something a lot simpler. I’m starting out with quite a long text already. Honestly, splitting my doc into separate files so they show up in the sidebar and so, become navigable, doesn’t appeal to me.
Nisus is complex too, but I figured out how to turn just about everything off and just use the two elements I need. But no iOS.

If I could only figure out how to make my NWP Headings Styles stay headings when imported to another program, that’d be half my problem solved. RTF is not the standard file format I thought it was. :^/

Cheers buddy,

  • pbass

I’ve sent you a private message, as this is a forum for Scrivener for iOS, and your issue, while important, only relates to that if you were to decide on using Scrivener. Hope you get it.


Further to my last, I have been doing some more investigating for you with Mellel and Pages. As my PM was still sitting in the Outbox, I have edited it with this newer information. Presumably, it will reach you sometime in the not-too-distant future.