Navigate document fails for FIRST document in Draft

In Scriveneings mode, if I have a Binder like this

        Third Sub One
        Third Sub Two

I can navigate from section to section using Navigate ⇨ Go To ⇨ Next Document ⌘⌥↓ and Navigate ⇨ Go To ⇨ Previous Document ⌘⌥↑ or using the ^ and ∨ icons in the editor bar.

Except if focus is on the first document this navigation fails, I get stuck on First and cannot navigate away. Does anyone else see this behaviour?

Here is a video showing this using this scrivener project ( … … n.mp4?dl=0

I cannot navigate once focus is on “Abstract”… (well, it seems to allow me to navigate up to the “Pandoc metadata” front-matter file outside the draft folder but not from Abstract down to the other documents)…

Can any Mac users confirm if they see similar behaviour or not? I see this on both my Macbook and iMac, so it isn’t specific to one install at least…


FWIW, I do.

2017 13” MBP, 2015 15” MBP, and 2020 13” MBA (not an M1), all running Scrivener 3.2.2 on the latest build of Big Sur.

Assume someone from L&L will investigate and resolve as this is in the bug-hunt directory that is usually monitored by the L&L team.