Navigate to inspector bug


I just stumbled upon a bug (present in the beta too).

When navigating to an inspector panel with the inspector closed, only bookmarks is available.


And going there, all the other tabs are missing until you close and reopen the inspector.



What you are presenting here is what we would expect to see if something is selected that has no metadata (for example the Draft folder itself, or a multiple selection).

Is that how you arrived at this condition? If not, what steps would I take to see it?


No multi-selection:

I just reproduced it within a fresh new interactive tutorial project.
So the issue is not with my projects (all from a single project template of mine).
It also does it on all of my computers.

Ah, I see it now, thanks! This is a known issue that was filed a couple of years ago it looks like. I’ve attached this thread to the ticket.

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