Navigating by sentence

Is there a way to navigate by sentence the way you can in iA Writer Pro?

I’m not sure how it does things, but there is no such feature in Scrivener.

iExcellent Ioa – surely now you’ve got the perfect argument for getting Keith to get rid of this new-fangled anaemic OS X editing style nonsense and implement proper grown up Vim navigation and manipulation of text:wq

Shouldn’t that be iExcellent iOa? :astonished:

Shouldn’t that be iExcellent iOa? :astonished:

My apologies, Briar… it was a (bad) geeky in-joke. Ioa and I have expressed our wish before to see Vim compatibility in OS X programs.

In Vim you start editing by pressing the letter ‘i’, and finish editing by pressing the key before saving the file and closing with ‘:wq’.

Navigating to the beginning / end of a sentence is a simple ‘(’ or ‘)’, to the beginning / end of a paragraph is ‘{’ or ‘}’. You can combine these with action commands – ‘v(’ selects to the beginning of the sentence, ‘d}’ deletes to the end of the paragraph and so on. Combined with several other commands and navigation methods, it’s incredibly powerful but it takes a bit of work to get used to.

Which just goes to show why Scrivener will never actually get rid of the OS X editing conventions and replace them with Vim… But still, once you’re used to it, editing in Vim is just about the most efficient and quickest method possible which is why some of us still pine for it.

No need. I got the scent (if not the details) of the geeky joke. :smiley:

Think my iOa misfired though. :open_mouth:

Ooops, sorry…

Understatement of the year. :mrgreen:

You’ve got to be a Brit. Or able to mimic one with great aplomb. :smiley:

I am, Briar. I am…

Mercia, though, not Wessex.

Heart of the country.

And we’re neighbours. :smiley:

Well, very North Mercia – right up at the top of Offa’s Dike – but I’ll lean out of the window and wave…

Wossiss gorra do wi’ Scrivener? I could understand, if Scriv was called Scrubber :open_mouth:

Chester area? On my list of places to visit. I’ll return that wave. Look due south, more or less. Chester area to Dorchester area. Deva to Durnovaria. :smiley: