Navigating pdfs

Is there a way to change/add to the keyboard navigation of pdfs? I want to use left and right arrow keys to go to previous and next pages in the same way that up and down work now. On my laptop, the left and right arrows are much easier to hit without hitting the opposite directional key. It works this way in the Preview app.

Keith’s on vacation, so I’ve made a note for him to check this out for feasibility when he gets back in a week or so.

Actually, just to make sure I jot this down right, Left/Right don’t appear to do anything in Preview for me.

One other thing (hope you see this older request): The ability to jump to a particular page would be really handy. I’m jumping around a lot in a 500 page pdf, and while holding the down-arrow speeds through the pages at a decent rate, it’s be much quicker to just enter “451” and jump there.