Navigating the scrivening document stack

Is there a map of the keyboard shortcuts somewhere, official or otherwise? (All the shortcuts?)

I was about to post asking for a way to move, navigate, from one scrivening document to the top of the next (or prior) document since neither Ctrl-End/Home nor PgDn/PgUp did it. (Searching the manual for PgUp or PgDn or PgDwn found only the reference to PDF navigation.)
But then, I tried Ctrl-PgDn/PgUp, which did the trick.

Almost … It would be ‘nice’ were Ctrl-PgUp to take the cursor to the top of the prior document, rather than to the end position of its last line and continuing subsequently always upward only to the end of each prior document.
(Tap-tap of PgUp doesn’t seem to quite do it either: Whatever the end position is in that next prior document’s last line, that apparently not only sets the position for the cursor on the next tap-PgUp (top of same document), but up and up, and up … provided the position exists.)

Are PgUp/PgDn supposed to take us to the top/bottom of the document similar to Ctrl-Home/End rather than to the next ‘page’ (visual or break), up or down? (Which latter would be of more use.)

ps: Looking through the Windows Scrivener manual for a reference to Ctrl-PgUp/PgDn,
A.3. View Menu … Layout (p. 287) – Show (Hide) Inspector, the shortcut “Ctrl-Shift-I” is not blue colored (coloured) in my copy.
pps: Also, under B.3 Corkboard, the “Opens the parent corkboard” shortcut involves a Mac key.


Any help …


Briar Kit

Hello DBC,

Yes, for the documentation. Thank you Briar (?).
(I’d opened two of your pages today already, but haven’t yet studied them.)

And Shass, thank you. I will likely use Tools > Options > Keyboard (F12) often for the next couple or three years! (The filtering is great.)

However, two observations:
Ctrl-Pg… is not listed, nor Ctrl+Pg… ;
It would be a minor nice thing were the manual and this tool consistent with their ‘naming convention’ for combination keystrokes (-/+).