Navigating through sections in Scrivenings...without isolating one section at a time


I’m wondering if anyone can help me: I’m writing a book and have broken it up into chapters(as folders) and sections (w/in the chapters). I love being able to see the total contents of the book on the left. However, I’d also like the ability to navigate through the book (or each folder/chapter) w/o having Scrivener isolate that particular section. In other words, I’d like to have a consistent ‘scrivenings’ view with the left-hand sections operating more like bookmarks. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!!!

Not at my Mac to fetch up details, but I think there are two things that may be useful to you here.

  1. You can Lock a pane of the Editor, not in the sense of preventing editing, but in the sense that it will stay targeted as it is — in its scrivenings session in this case. Lock is on the popup menu underneath the doc icon in the header bar of the editor pane (and probably in the regular menu system somewhere too)

  2. There is a clever set up whereby you can put outline view of some swath in one split of the editor pane and lock it, then set things so that clicking on an outline item there opens the associated doc in the other split of the editor pane.

Yes, locking the editor is one way of going about this, though if you mainly find yourself flipping through sections in a linear sequence, the Up/Down arrow buttons in the editor header bar, right hand side, will stick within a session until you get to the end of it.

And while you’re looking at that spot of the header bar, note the “outline” looking button beside it. Click that to get a quick ToC of the current session. You can flip through sections more easily in a non-linear fashion that way, as well as use it to see where you are.

The method I have always used is to switch between Outliner and Scrivenings mode, and take advantage of how selecting something in the Outliner scrolls you to that spot when you switch back to Scrivenings. It’s the same exact idea as the ToC button, but more convenient if you prefer keyboard navigation to mouse.

At the right in the screenshot is the ToC button @AmberV spoke of:

Wow, this is wonderful! Thank you so much for your really helpful replies!!! I really appreciate it! Problem sorted.