Navigating through text (NaNoWriMo-Version)

I have some trouble whlie navigating through text using the up, down, left, right buttons on the keyboard. NaNo-Version is shutting down after doing that some time. This happens while reading and correcting passages of my text.
I’m using a Win7 system.

Could you please check Help > About Scrivener and see what version number is listed at the bottom? If you’re on 045, backup your work and then clear your browser cache and download the installer .exe from here. You can install that directly over your existing version if you like, just make sure Scrivener is closed. The 046 version addressed some problems with importing certain characters that caused a crash when working with the documents, so it sounds like that may be what you’re seeing and ensuring you’re on the more up-to-date version will help.

If you’re already on 046, does the document that you’re working navigating through contain only work typed in Scrivener or does it have any text that was imported or pasted in from another source? (Does the rest of your project, even if this document does not?) Is this an issue you’re seeing only when navigating with the arrow keys, or does any typing trigger it or any mousing and clicking through the document? (E.g. if you selected a passage with a mouse and clicked the “Highlight” button.) Do you get any error messages with the crash?

I’M on 046.
My document is written in Scrivener (several Beta-Versions for concept and research and some smaller text blocks whick I use now :blush:. I do the concept since May or June ) and in MS Word 2003 as I opend the rtf there and entered new text.
It’s both while navigating with the arrow keys and when trying to highlight a non-visible character with Shift+Arrow. There is no message except the Windows message that scrivener.exe is not working anymore and the choices to search the internet for a solution or end scrivener.exe.
Hope that helps a little.