Navigation arrows in the header bar


I’m just having trouble using the navigation arrows in the header bar. Pressing the ‘back’ arrow should, I understood from the tutorial, take me back to my most recently viewed document in the editor. But every time I press it, regardless of what my actual last viewed document was, it always goes back to chapter 2 of my novel. Any ideas what could be wrong?


One other person was having some trouble with the back and forward buttons, although it’s not quite what you’re describing and the user hasn’t gotten it to repeat again, so I’m not sure what might be causing this. Each editor split has its own document history, so that might be part of the issue, if you had a split open and then maximized one and were expecting the history from the other when you then hit the “back” button. Try selecting View > Editor > Clear Document History and then working with the editor as normal to see if this gets the history behaving as it should.

I wasn’t working with a split, but i tried clearing the document history as you suggested and it seems to be working, so thanks very much!