Navigation for Latex book-class document

I’m looking for a way to implement beamer-like navigation buttons or links on the bottom of each page in a Latex book-class document.

I’ve searched stack exchange* and tried several implementations to emulate the beamer navigation buttons, including using fancyhdr and hyperref with \phantomsection to no avail. Nothing seems to work without necessitating major changes in the existing code.

To be exact, I’m searching for a way to use Scrivener’s native features (perhaps somehow using a hyperref link or label inserted into the section prefix field on the compile screen) to provide a hyperlink/label on the bottom of each and every page, that will facilitate a link to the ToC, the subject index, and/or appendix, et al.

My apologies for my lack of familiarity with Scrivener if an easy, straightforward solution already exists.

If not, any and all thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.


Thank you.