Navigation help pls

One of my Scrivener projects contains about 150 folders and 500 documents in the Binder. Attached is a simplified view.

When I search for a word or phrase in my manuscript, the Binder changes to show only those documents that contain the word or phrase. The problem is, I often don’t know which document is the one I want. I know how to select a document and do Reveal in Binder, but I often pick the wrong document. Then I have to redo the search, select another document, and do Reveal in Binder again. Sooner or later, I find the document I am looking for, but it is a tedious process.

It would help greatly if I could see the pertinent documents in context of the full Binder as in the right-most image. Is there any way to do this?Thx.

One solution would be if you used more unique names for your documents, like describing the content.

@pomme4mois, I have a project about the size of yours.

This is a point at which you may find some navigation tools useful which were just annoying at smaller project sizes :smiley:.

  • The Document Path: Hover (don’t click!) your mouse over the document icon. You’ll see a popup of the complete document path within the project. At this point you may be able to tell easily “No, I don’t want that one. What else have I got?” and continue clicking down your search results.
  • The Collections list. This can be shown above the Binder (View->Show/Hide Collections. ). There’s a special automatic collection that always contains your last Project Search Results list. Thus, you don’t have to run the search again if your first stab at finding the right document failed; just go to the Collections list, scroll if you need to, and click on Search Results.
  • The Up and Down arrows at the top right of your document header. While you have the Search Results collection up, these will take you to the next (or previous) result. Great for stepping quickly through your results, and when you have a likely candidate, quickly hovering over the doc icon to see if it’s where you expect.
  • The Hook control. If you look at the title bar of your Search Results collection, there a little hook-arrow icon just to the left of the name “Search Results”. If you click that icon, all your result documents are loaded into your current editor, where you can view them as a Scrivening. You can use an ordinary cmd-f Find to locate your search term within the scrivening, and cmd-g to move to the next. Again, when you find a likely candidate, you can click into the text and then hover over the the document icon to see where in the Binder that is.

Hope one or more of these helps!
Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 15.38.52.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 15.49.01.jpg

That’s a lot of super useful info, Silverdragon. Thanks for that!

Fantastic. I’ll give these a try. Thanks Silverdragon.

You’re wecome!