Navigation in Full Screen Mode?

I am working in a Scrivener project that contains a folder with numerous documents in the folder. When I switch to Full Screen mode, I have focus on one document in a folder. Is it possible to navigate to the previous and next documents in the current folder while in Full Screen mode?

No, but if you select the contents of the folder before entering Full Screen, you can use the History shortcut keys to navigate between them. It will be like moving between next and previous, you just have to remember to select them all first. Think of it as deciding to edit seven documents in full screen at once.

Of course, another thing you could do is make an Edit Scrivenings session out of them and then edit that.

Thanks for the suggestions, Amber.

I’ve tried Edit Scrivenings… it works, but I want to be able to narrow my focus to each distinct page.

Forgive my ignorance but what are the History shortcut keys?

Cmd-[ and Cmd-] will go backward and forward in the history, respectively. Note these always work in Full Screen, but if you pre-select before going into Full Screen, it will build a focussed history set for you.

Love it! Thanks, Amber.

2.0 will have a Next/Previous Document shortcut as well as a Forward/Back in History feature. Also, note that you can use “Go To” in the View > Editor menu too.

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Frankly, this is a bit of a drag for users with non-English keyboards, since the '[ 'and ‘]’ characters don’t have their own keys on, for instance, a Swedish keyboard.

I tried setting the Cmd-8 and Cmd-9 keys for the History commands in the System prefs:Keyboard & Mouse:Keyboard Shortcuts, but it didn’t work. Perhaps the Apple configurable shortcuts don’t find nested menus.

I’ll try to use iKeys to set more suitable History shortcuts.

But Keith, please let version 2.x have completely configurable shortcuts, lika Nisus Writer Pro, so that non-English writers can easily devise more suitable key combinations and don’t have to jump through the hoops of trying to patch something up in a macro prgram!

Don’t worry, though, I still love Scrivener… :smiley:



Great! But please make those shortcuts reachable for foreigners as well, who don’t have i. a. ‘[’ and ‘]’ as discrete keys on their keyboards!




I managed to make functioning History backward and forward keystrokes in iKey (Cmd-8 and Cmd-9, since Alt-8 = ‘[’ on a Swedish keyboard, et cetera).

Only to then discover that, apparently, Full Screen has its own History stack… :frowning:

I have this long History in normal mode and the View:Editor:Forward…/Backward… commands work as expected. But when I switch to Full Screen, those same commands are greyed out! :open_mouth:

Wouldn’t it make sense to have Full Screen remember what I’ve been looking at and editing in normal mode? I understand that there has to be some reason behind the current arrangement, since everything else is so well thought out.

I guess I just can’t figure out the reason. I create the History out of necessity, navigating to some of my 48 chapters (=documents in the Binder) as the need arises. That need certainly doesn’t change when I go into Full Screen Mode…

Amber’s trick of selecting the documents I want to switch between really doesn’t help much here, since I want to jump between discrete documents from different folders that I’ve found useful and I don’t remember exactly which ones and in which order.

It would be so much easier if the History stack were the same in both modes and if the menu structure were identical. Apparently it’s not, since my shiny new iKey macros that work fine in normal mode, refuse to play in Full Screen. :confused:

I’m a bit disappointed, because this doesn’t make sense to me.



Hi Joachim,

Please don’t post your requests twice - I’m capable of reading your reply to AmberV. :slight_smile: There are no plans to change the shortcuts - it’s impossible to make the shortcuts perfect for everybody, but System Preferences mean that you can define your own, and as you have discovered you can use them to configure any keyboard shortcut in an app (I think Nisus have their own implementation of this simply so that they can allow multiple character shortcuts, such as opt-cmd-C+G etc - and no, Scrivener won’t be getting such a feature :slight_smile: ).

Please see the FAQ for more on how the full screen nav history works, as I believe it’s covered there. I’ll consider your suggestion of loading in the document editor navigation history, although of course there are problems with that in that you can’t open media documents or corkboard/outliner mode in full screen. Your suggestion has been noted, though.


Thank you! :smiley: