I just bought Scrivener. it is great.

Is there any easier way to return to the binder from the editor other than command-option-control-B? There are times I like to jump around quickly through sections. I know i can Tab from the Binder to the Editor. I would love to have something where I can use one hand to jump back and forth - something like an F1 to go from Binder to Editor and and an F2 key to go from Editor to Binder. Or how about Command-shift down arrow to go from Binder to Editor and and command-shift-up arrow to go from Editor to Binder. I know I will get used to it and still…

Thanks for a fine piece of software,


Hi Jake, I never assign anything to F-keys simply because I use a laptop so they are all assigned to other things.

However, you can use the System Preferences to change the keyboard shortcuts to anything you want - so on your system you could easily change the “navigate to binder” shortcut to F1, for instance.

All the best,