[NB], 64-bit. Import format doesn't import for compile

I’m following Ioa’s instructions to import the NaNoWriMo obfuscation preset for compile found here: literatureandlatte.com/nanowrimo

In the compile window, I"m clicking on the arrow/button with the gear (assuming that’s the Load Preset button–the tooltip isn’t popping up.) When I select “Import Formats” nothing happens. I’m not given a dialogue box to select a file after that. Is this feature not in compile yet?

Hi garpu,

The nano template and obfuscation settings are built for Scrivener version 1 for windows, as that is the current official version. So those instructions were written for Scrivener 1, which is why they didn’t match to the Beta’s UI. The new Nano trial version is also based on the current Scrivener 1 UI.

You are correct that ‘Import Formats’ and similar options are not yet implemented in the Beta.

OK! Not hard to export as Libre office document, then obfuscate that way. :slight_smile: Good to know something isn’t broken!