[NB] Any way to set the formatting to the default on more than one file at a time?

I sometimes end up with a lot of files in a project that I dragged in from an older project, and they don’t have my current default formatting. Is there any way to update the formatting for a set of files selected in the binder, or for all files in a project, at the same time? I find myself clicking in each file, selecting all text, and setting the formatting to the default. This gets quite tedious with a lot of files, and I’m wondering if there’s an easier way that I haven’t discovered.

Hi Tom, is this what you’re looking for:


Jim—thanks! That’s a great explanation and does exactly what I was looking for. It’ll be a big help in my projects.

I was surprised to see that when I changed the default formatting in the Options, it changed it for all projects. I would like to be able to change it in one project without affecting others. To your knowledge, is there a way to do that?



Hi Tom!

You can go into Project Settings and select “Use different formatting for new documents in this project:”

That will set a new format that will only affect the current project. Be aware however that there is a known bug that will keep you from applying this to existing documents - currently “Convert to default formatting” uses the universal formatting in options instead of the project specific formatting in Project Settings (this has been filed)

To work around that though you can set your universal formatting as you have, then convert all to default formatting, then revert the formatting in Options to whatever you use for your other projects. Its a few extra steps, but hopefully soon “Convert to default formatting” will correctly use the project’s formatting before the universal formatting.

Hope this helps!

Thanks! Those are great tips, I wasn’t aware of the “different formatting for new documents in this project” setting. For my purposes I’ll have to use the workaround as the problem arises with documents I drag in from other projects, but that will save a lot of time. And great to know it will be addressed soon!