[NB][B37] different indentation between B36 and B37, from same project file.

First of all, thank you for solving splitting issue.

I’ve compiled some file for checking this( Text and images split across pages in PDF compile [3796] ).
After updating, compiled same project file, but outputs are not same as below
on Beta 36

on Beta 37

and these are values for that part

I think this is not a bug. B37 made more precise indentation.
so never mind

Hi cansmile, can you please verify that the Indentation is correct(i.e. as it used to be in Beta 36) within the Scrivener’s editor.

  1. Is the problem only within the compiled PDF or also within the Scriveners’s editor?

  2. Are you using a non HighDPI monitor?

We have adjusted the indentation and spacing calculations, which might lead to a difference between old and new editor paragraph alignment visualization on non HighDPI monitors.

I’ve installed B36 again for this.
you can see screen shots

and settings on Scrivener and windows.

I don’t understand why the values(First Line and Left) are changed without my fingers.

As you can see in the Beta 36 vs Beta 37 rulers, the text is using different indentation, and based on your monitor description in your forum signature 2x1080 monitors, your monitors are non-highdpi.

You can:

  1. Wait for Beta 38, where we plan on adding a menu command like “Convert old Non-HighDPI” text formatting. Until then use Beta 36.

  2. In Scrivener convert to default formatting.

  3. Realign the text manually.

I know that 2) and 3) are not great options.

As I mentioned on first, I think this is not a bug to me.
If texts are not changed with format(indent too) hardly, I don’t mind.
I just thought It looks like bug.

I appreciated you for everything you suggession.