[NB] Backup bug? []

This is with the 64-bit new beta. (, 64-bit.)

Maybe this is a glitch on my end, but when I uninstalled the old beta of Scrivener, then installed the new one, everything went fine until I tried changing the default backup folder. I got the message that Scrivener.exe crashed, and the program closed. I restarted it, and everything seemed to be fine, but it wasn’t backing up once I changed the backup folder under Preferences > backups. When backup wasn’t working, Scrivener would hang on exit.

I did a manual backup, just to see if it was working at all, and backups seem to work OK. (I haven’t had much time to poke, since I’m baking a bunch for a family Christmas gathering.) The program closes on exit.

Glitch on my end, or bona fide bug? (I’m seeing issues with Scrivener installed to the same computer as an old beta version.)

It seems like if the file changes, a backup is written. If the file doesn’t change, it won’t. Is this expected behaviour?

Yes, that behaviour is expected. Backups should only occur if a change has been made to the project. If a change has been made a backup should be created based on the settings you have selected.

Are you noticing any times where it fails to create a backup after a change has been made?

Nope. Every time I’ve changed something, the file’s backed up. Aside from the initial first crash upon installing Scrivener, I haven’t had a problem since.

That’s good to hear! I’ll mark this down as not a bug for now, but if you encounter an issue with it again please let us know (in a new post).

Thank you!